Factory Automation

Robotic Assembling Cells / Lines, Electrical Testing, Optical Inspection, Process Virtual Simulations and Integration are the main areas of application for the Automotive up to the Electronic Industries.

Integrated lines for assembling and testing, assembling and measuring, inline quality control, are the main applications for the several products and components processing lines from the Automotive up to the Electronic Industries.

Lines for manufacturing natural stone based products are also relevant, not only because of the engineering expertise sharing with other areas, but due the heavy duty and complexity in terms of manufacturing, especially considering the variety of a natural product as stone. Such systems incorporates knowledge based concepts that allows to consolidate intelligence to the processes. One more time, specific needs of our customers leverages us to a high level of innovation to achieve the required customization of our customers.

Scientific Equipment is also a relevant area not because of the volume but because of the relevant knowledge to produce equipment’s used in scientific applications. Space and Solar Panels are areas where we have expertise.