Retrofitting Solutions

Retrofitting of Converting machinery is an important area for several customers as the capital equipment represents important investments.

In several Converting machines, is possible to achieve almost the same productivity as new machines after the retrofitting. Our company expertise in surveying, reengineering, safety of machinery and simulation give us the possibility to carry retrofitting works all over the world. Changing complex mechanic systems to electronic motion control, as an example for converting machinery, converting repetitive semi-manual processes in fully automatic robotic cells allows also great achievements in terms of productivity.

In some cases is the only way to achieve competitiveness by using a used platform retrofitted and transformed for specific process requirements.

A World Class supplier

Our competences in Industrial Automation, Mechanical Engineering, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Motion Control, among others, crossed with process competences such as web handling, printing techniques, plasma surface treatment and slitting, supported by a professional management level, gives us the status of a World Class supplier in this field.