zeugma is a supplier of customized industrial Solutions, namely Industrial Machinery, Equipment’s, Systems and Services.

With large technological expertise in automation, process control, industrial robotics, industrial information technologies and mechanical engineering.This expertise has been consolidated by providing solutions across several industries worldwide.

On today’s world, speed and flexibility allied with eco-friendly processes and tight life-cycle management is an earned value!

Our Solutions covers the range of Converting Equipment: Doctor Machines, Winders, Slitters; Factory Automation: Robotic Assembling Cells / Lines, Electrical Testing, Optical Inspection, Process Virtual Simulations and Integration; Retrofitting Converting Equipment: Slitter, Doctor, Printing Presses, Paper Machines among others; Plant Management Software designed for life cycle management.
We see our business in two main areas that complements each other. Sometimes our customers have a problem and ask us to help them to find a solution and for that we use our know-how to assess the Industrial process, machinery, equipment and systems.


Industrial Equipment and Systems

Industrial Consultancy

Industrial Consultancy

Vision and Strategic Goals

Sustainable growth based on innovation and excellence of our Products and Services, supported by high productivity management tools and World Class Human Resources.

Our Mission

Improving the competitiveness of Our Customers by providing cost-efficient customized industrial machinery and life cycle management. We achieve it by working in partnership and strategic relationship with our customers, suppliers, institutions and people.


People are our power. Working in partnership, highly committed with the strategy, leverage the company to a high performance organization. Products and Services are the result of our inspiration and our efforts. Profit is the indication or our performance and the assurance of a sustainable future.

zeugma Certifications

zeugma decided, a few years ago, an organization way that aimed to become an Innovative and World Class Engineering company that still allows to offer advanced solutions but never neglecting the life cycle of the supplied equipment’s. The experience tell us that is relatively easy to customize, to be flexible but is extremely difficult to do it assuring that will not jeopardize the life cycle of the equipment’s.

The today’s customer is concerned if the supplier is capable and robust to support their investments during the life cycle. Today, we can mention that our organizational strength is solid and as testimony it we have certifications in the areas of Quality (ISO 9001) and Environment (ISO 14001) awarded by the certification company Bureau Veritas.